I really love this post and its advice from Rosalie Valentine’s blog Penprints!  


Recently, I came to realize that I tend to compartmentalize. I like to keep God in His box, and I like to keep writing in its own little box, far away from God.
I’m not saying I’ve written things that are graphically sinful, completely unwholesome, and rife with heresy because I haven’t. I just tend to be buddy-buddy with God during my devotions and talk with Him some throughout the day, but when I light my writing candle, I tend to shut everything out. Including God. I’m not so much, “God, don’t interfere with my writing!” as I am “You can go away now.” Both are bad.

3 ways glorify GodAnyway, I’ve thought up some ways to bring God into my writing. Or rather, bring my writing into God. I don’t want to write just stories. I want my writing to be a reflection of my love for God. I want my writing…

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