Another piece of writing advice I came across: spend about 10 minutes a day free writing, basically writing about anything without concern for form, grammar, etc.  The exercise supposedly can help increase your imagination over time.  This is according to Victoria Hanley in her book Seize the Story: A Handbook for Teens Who Like To Write.   I think I had a hard time with this exercise, because I definitely was doing some back tracking and revising as well as nixing certain ideas as I went.  I even went back later and changed some more of the thoughts.  I decided not to post my “free writing” because I don’t think it was really “free writing” considering I was still concerned how it sounded, looked, and what ideas it may convey.  My conclusion is that at least for me, free writing needs to be done somewhere where I don’t think anyone will see it.  I doubt I’ll make free writing a daily occurrence, but do think I will give it another shot and like the concept.