Cool writing challenge from tylermdeal (see reblog if you want to try it out)! Here’s my attempt #5words:

A Summer Morning at Grandma’s
By Jackie Cubero

With a bounce in her step, Ellen boogied with her little grandson. It was their special wake-up ritual.

Ellen’s hair was unkempt with white curls sticking out here and there like random waves of energy. She had too much to do in life to spend time styling her hair.

“Can I have candy for breakfast?” Pedro asked sleepily.

No candy before eight!” Ellen exclaimed!

She took his hand and danced him to the table. She lifted him up onto his booster chair. His legs dangled, swinging back and forth and his big brown eyes longingly glazed at the colorful candy jar his Grandma always kept on the counter.

Ellen lovingly cupped his face and directed his glance back to her. “Fruit is nature’s candy!” she tried to re-educate him.  “What kind of juice do you want?”

Pedro scrunched up his face, disbelievingly, and Ellen laughed.

After slowly sipping down a cup of apple juice and picking at some oatmeal, Pedro trudged toward the bedroom to labroiously pull on his karate uniform.

“Hustle, hustle” Ellen coached while scrubbing down every surface in the kitchen that had been affected by breakfast. “Karate camp’s awaitin’! Your mom will be here any minute.”

A few minutes later, Pedro wandered back into the kitchen, eyes fixed on the candy jar once again.

At that moment, his mom knocked on the door. Her voice sounding from behind it, “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Ellen greeted her daughter with a warm hug. “He’s up and ready!”

“I don’t know how you do it at your age,” her daughter replied, seeming tired already. “I have the hardest time getting him up, fed and dressed!”

“Oh, just with a little dance and some of nature’s candy,” Ellen winked at Pedro.

“Can I please have some real candy, now?” he asked, longingly.

“After camp, you can have your pick from the jar!” his grandma replied.

Promise?” he urged.

“Promise!” she said kissing the top of his head while his mom led him out the door.

“Love you, Grandma!” he said, looking back just as the door began to close.

“Love you too, my little sweet tooth!”

Tyler M Deal

Today’s words are:

  • Juice
  • No
  • Promise
  • Eight
  • Before

The goal is to exercise your brain and split writer’s block. You can write anything! A story, a poem, a paragraph, a sentence, anything! The only rule is that it includes the words given or is inspired by the words given. If you post something, link it in a comment. I’d love to see what everyone comes up with! Have fun and remember to include #5words

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