Did you know a cool way to get writing advice is from actual authors you enjoy reading?  I read somewhere (I think in 2013 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market) that many authors have some tips on their websites.  It’s true!  They also give interviews, videos, and have other sources of advice.  Here are some pointers from writers I enjoy.  I pulled 2 little nuggets of wisdom from each, but these are just little tidbits from much more that they said! Just click on the name to link to each site, Q & A, and/or video for more from each author:

  • Francine Rivers  
    • Nugget 1: Learn the “craft of writing”
    • Nugget 2: Ask the Lord a question and listen for Him to speak to you as you write and spend time with Him
  • Lisa Scottoline (Youtube video in which she shares characteristics of quality thrillers)
    • Nugget 1: Your writing skill can develop with practice!
    • Nugget 2: Lisa Scottoline is clearly well versed in her genre and familiar with her peers’ writing styles and books
  • Orson Scott Card
    • Nugget 1: Find the writing schedule (or lack thereof) that suits you.  Everyone is different
    • Nugget 2: Don’t just glaze over difficult scenes because you know it’s only your rough draft
  • Veronica Roth
    • Nugget 1:  After you’ve written your first draft, take a break from it and “recharge”
    • Nugget 2: Take advantage of Microsoft Word’s in-text comments as an editing tool
  • Suzanne Collins
    • Nugget 1: Consider your audience throughout your writing
    • Nugget 2: Daydream

Then, look up tips from authors you enjoy.  Feel free to share your favorite authors in the comments! 🙂