It’s 2:24am and I just e-mailed in my 24 hour short story contest entry to Writer’s Weekly.  One thing I learned is that it took me a lot longer to produce my story than I thought it would.  I began around 1pm and have been working for the past 13 hours with only very brief breaks to eat, shower, and talk with my husband.  It took several hours to write the first draft, which was about 3.5x longer than the maximum word count. It took another several hours editing, whittling, and polishing.  It was both relieving and surprising to me that most of the plot could be maintained in 1/3 of the original words. This was a very enlightening and fun experience and I’m really glad to have had this opportunity.  I highly recommend trying it if you are able to and it is up your alley.  Writer’s Weekly has their contest quarterly, I believe.  Good luck to any others of you who participated today!  Hope you had a great experience as well!