Last night, my husband and I had a welcome night out which included a trip to warranty-exchange my phone, pokemon hunting (I caught a Pikachu!), eating out at Relish AND spending about an hour at the downtown library.  I found a bunch of cool resources, as well as a couple books just for fun.  Now, I’m not going to lie– I’m pretty bad about reading non-fiction books.  My approach to them is often sporadic.  Despite liking the idea of filling myself with a wealth of information, soaking up facts and knowledge, I’ve found time and time again that I often lack the resolve to make it through most such books.  I may start eagerly and make it through a chapter or two before interest wanes away.  Or, perhaps I’ll just casually flip through, reading this and that, picking out a nugget or two.  But, regardless, even this can still be informative.  I’ve found a few writing exercises, pieces of advice and other bits of information despite the erratic study methods.  And even though I know I won’t make it through all of these, I’m still excited to explore the new stockpile!  More blog posts are likely to come as I pick through my temporary reserve, so stay tuned 😉