Beverages: Bring on the caffeine.  My favorite writing beverages often bring the pleasant aroma and atmosphere I associate with writing, as well as caffeine!  Water’s good too.


  • Coffee: This is a classic, of course.  Fortunately, I’ve evolved from coffee with cream and sugar to coffee with skim or almond milk (it was a process, lol).  At this point it’s not too unhealthy a drink which means I can have plenty to accompany my writing without going over my daily goal! (I do Weight Watchers)
  • Hot Tea: With plenty of flavors to choose this can be another excellent choice.  You can also choose a tea that does not have much caffeine if you are writing in the evening or night time, without giving up having a steaming, cozy beverage to accompany you.
  • Water: Gotta keep my plant on PlantNanny watered!  I learned about this app from another blogger (Thanks DIYMariellis).  It probably goes without mentioning that staying hydrated is good for overall health, including your brain which is essential for good writing 😉


Snacks: As much as I love munching on stuff while I do pretty much any type of seated work, I gotta watch what and how much I’m eating.  These are some good options for me!


  • Carrot Sticks: Super easy, crunchy, not messy, and full of vitamin A.  As an occupational therapist I sometimes recommend a snack such as this to a parent for their child for some extra “proprioceptive” input during homework time.  Proprioception, which is basically the sense of ones joints and muscles, is considered to be a regulating and organizing sensory input.  Double plus!
  • Individual packets/bags of chips: Chips are one of my weaknesses.  I LOVE chips: potato chips, cheese puffs, nachos, you name it! The best way to not over eat chips for me is to get the individual serving (lunch) bags.
  • Halo Top icecream: Delicious! It’s low calorie ice cream that I really can’t tell is low calorie.  My favorite flavor is the Vanilla!  If I accidently devour the whole pint~ at least it’s only 240-280 calories! #worthit
  • Fruit: Not quite as convenient neatness wise, as some can be sticky and drip juice, but another good healthy option! Some of my favorites are bananas, plums, peaches, and apricots!  My newest discovery has been cotton candy grapes, which I actually do detect a cotton candy flavor to them!
  • Mozzarella string cheese: Another favorite of mine.  Simple, easy, yummy.
  • Popcorn: Low calorie and fiberful, with that savory smell

How about you?  Do you munch when you write?  What are your favorite writing snacks?