After joining the WordPress blogging community and beginning my journey of intentionally learning to write, I first heard the term “aesthetic board” from a fellow blogger.  This concept was intriguing to me.  Basically, this involves gathering images to inspire and help set a tone and feel for one’s writing.


As I further explored and researched, I learned that the business world uses this technique for marketing and pitches, referred to as creating a mood board.  It can help express the idea and evoke emotions.  In the writing world, the boards appear more geared toward helping fuel the writing process.   People use them to create inspiration for an overall book, as well as creating ones as a part of developing individual characters.


Aesthetic boards can include pictures that envision the character, setting, etc; pictures that depict the mood, emotion, or tone; or even quotes that capture the essence.  They can be created physically from photographs or cutting out magazine pictures, by compiling digital images ( is a great site for pictures under Creative Commons CCO), or even by pinning a pinterest board.


I hope you find this strategy as fun as I do!  Have any of you created or used aesthetic boards?



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